Massage Therapists I recommend:

Soaring Dragon Massage ~ Dana Highfill, LMT #16698

(Eastside) Dana has been my primary massage therapist for some time. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and inquisitive. Her style blends techniques learned from Eastern disciplines, such as Qigong and Shiatsu, with Western methods like myofascial release. I can tell she really loves what she does, and this shows in her effectiveness.
Visit her website to book online ~ Soaring Dragon Massage or call her: 503-442-7177

Advanced Therapeutics ~ Kristin Tallmon-Murphy, CPT LMT #7648

(Beaverton) Kristin is the first therapist I ever saw who did truly structural-based therapeutic massage with me as a client. Prior to that, I had no exposure to how beneficial massage therapy could be for chronic pain. She has been able to, on more than once occasion, break an extended migraine cycle for me. Her methods have been highly influential to me as a therapist, and I continue to learn from her approach. That’s why I’m so pleased that she is now offering her services from this location.
Visit her website to book online ~ Advanced Therapeutics, or call her: 971-319-2627

Beauty Services I recommend:


(Beaverton) Tamara is my go-to person for questions on skin care, waxing and pampering. She carries her own fabulous line of skin care products that I love. She specializes in Sugaring, which is a fantastic hair removal method, environmentally friendly (unlike traditional waxing,) and gets easier with each repeat visit. I highly recommend her work.
Visit her website to book online ~ Dulcederm, or call her: 503-482-9465

Chiropractors I recommend:

Rathbone Chiropractic

(Beaverton/Aloha) I’ve been prone to migraines for my entire life, and chiropractic is one of my tools for managing the frequency and severity of headache. Dr. Rathbone is committed to appropriate therapies, he treats my issues, but does not over-treat, is gentle enough to work with your grandmother, and utilizes the advanced tools of the Atlas Orthogonal technique.
Call Rathbone Chiropractic: 503-642-1449 or read more about Dr. Rathbone here.

Acupuncturists I recommend:

Maple Seed Wellness

(Beaverton) Victoria provides a whole body approach to well-being, she has helped me with some chronic issues. Her needle insertion technique is excellent, and her space is warm and comfortable. Visit her website to book online ~ Maple Seed Wellness

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Massage Oil:

I use Organic Jojoba for all my sessions, as my base oil. If you like Jojoba, and wish to purchase it for your home use, this is the company I recommend: The Jojoba Company: HobaCare Jojoba
I use salves from Green Heart Traditions. These are wonderful salves, made by a massage therapist from Welches, Oregon – perfect for massage use and your home needs. You can find them here: Green Heart Traditions Etsy Store

Essential Oils, Salve and Soap Supplies:

If you are looking for a reputable local supplier for making your own oil blends, salves or soaps, I have used and recommend Liberty Natural Products, Portland, OR 503-256-1227

Keeping it in the community – other local businesses I recommend:

Beaverton Florists is a local, family-owned company. They’ve been around forever, deliver on the same day, and have gotten me out of more than one “forgotten occasion” pinch.
Bogza Coffee is located in The Round, and serves excellent coffee, which is Organic and Certified Fair Trade. Plus, they have comfy seats and WiFi.
Need work on your feet? Bio Foot offers Chinese Reflexology and other massage and bodywork services. Their therapists are skilled and professional, and the spa is warm and tidy. This is where I go when I need a tune-up on the fly.


Anatomy software:

If you’re curious about the anatomy and movement software I use, it’s all produced by the same company: 3D4Medical. If I need to understand how an injury is affecting surrounding areas, or research which muscles are involved with a specific exercise, this is the first place I look. They primarily develop for IOS, so if you use an iPad and want this software, you’re in luck. A couple of their more useful apps are also available for Android.

My website:

I maintain my own website, which I built on WordPress using a template system called Divi, made by Elegant Themes.*
*This is an affiliate link, which means if you purchase something from them, I receive a commission.

Logo Design:

Although I can find my way around building and maintaining a website, I still needed good branding and design help. I worked with SuperDeluxe, for a logo, color scheme, business cards and exterior signage. SuperDeluxe also does many other things small businesses need, and Maureen is excellent designer and marketer, who can help you with your entire marketing plan.

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