Our new location ~ Putting it all together

New changes every day

Wall finishing takes a really long time. But it’s finally finished, and we’ve moved on to all the things that make us feel like this is really going to happen! If I want to keep up with the changes, I need to pop in practically every day, because it seems like one more thing is finished.

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Walls, we have them!

And finally, we come to my favorite part of any construction project – drywall! I know, it’s not glamorous, but not only do I enjoy doing it, this is the place in any building improvement project where you can really see what’s happening to the space. For the first time…

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Starting to rebuild

First up, we needed a new roof, because when last we left our intrepid remodeling heroes, things looked like this: (img) Yep, that’s daylight through those ceiling joists. This is, naturally, the ideal state for your building to be, in the middle of a NW Oregon winter. In addition to having a completely new roof…

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Tear it down

Warning: Image heavy post. Anybody who has ever embarked on a project of this magnitude, knows it’s not for the faint of heart. Lucky for me, I get to be a tenant, and reap all of the benefits of Tamara’s hard work! So even though it’s not technically my project, I’ve been peeking in since the beginning.

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Getting started

In the beginning, there was a Happy Hour – two friends meeting to talk shop. She was expressing some frustration with her current downtown location, and I was considering some changes as well. I suggested, half joking, that we should find a little commercially-zoned house somewhere in central Beaverton

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