Okay, just admit it, you know you’re excited about the insulation. Well, I’m excited about the insulation.

I had planned to have some images of what I’m calling the “Staff Area,” although we will be only 2 (plus spouses who may occasionally wander through,) occupants for the foreseeable future. Instead I have a lovely design plan to show you, and a few words about the plan.

But first up, insulation! We have it!

1st step in climate control

1st step in climate control

And what fine insulation it is. This is one of the best things you’ll never see. You’ll notice the difference though, because instead of having hollow walls like most commercial construction, these walls are completely stuffed with the stuff that makes it very quiet.

It should also make climate control much more stable than you’re used to in either of our current spaces.

This part is exciting for me, and if you’re one of our regulars, I’m sure you’ll get a peek at the real thing sometime, but this one is just for us. We will have a kitchenette, with scads of storage, a dishwasher to make clean-up a breeze, not just for lunch dishes, but also for things like the glass cupping bells I use sometimes in treatments. No more hand scrubbing! A few other “luxury” necessities will round out this first of our two staff areas. The design and layout suggestion is below. I hope it ends up exactly like this!

Kitchen Design

My Favorite Bit

My Favorite Bit

And last, but not least, I leave you with a preview of *drumroll* my favorite part of construction!


Next up: Walls, we have them.

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